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Mike is our Chief Luminary Engineer. After retiring from a career in retail computer systems, he has turned his “digital logic design” hobby job into a full-time endeavor.

Our first product, the microprocessor driven Himalayan Salt Lamp controller, was designed, breadboarded, prototyped, and turned into a production PCB (printed circuit board) using his BSEE computer logic design and C++/PHP software programming skills. Add-on products include the WiFi and Bluetooth transceivers for connectivity anywhere in the world with your salt lamp.

Our second product is a Blynk-powered Camera Slider. Motorized camera sliders have been around awhile; they are not new. They can range in price from $800 to $3,000 for good commercial units. Some are powered by proprietary Apps for iphones and iPad tablets, but we were one of the first pioneers to drive them from Blynk, the IOT (Internet of Things) WiFi cloud platform. Our version runs on the JJRobots and Neewer sliders. Stay tuned …



BAXROADtm is an acronym for Baxter’s Road, the family compound address in a well-known California coastal city, and the brand-name for all our cool digital luminary devices. Baxter is our Chief Corporate Spokesdog.


Tom is our Chief Corporate Salesman, but he rarely keeps an official 8-5 schedule anymore. He can usually be found looking for driftwood and sea glass polished by the ocean tides while walking Baxter on the beach.

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