Useful Stuff

When a salt lamp is heated, it “sweats” and generates negative ions. The effect is like the smell of the air after a rainstorm and is well documented on the Internet. The original lamp (see the power cord?) with a 15 watt incandescent light heats up to 94 degrees F. Our Baxroadtm brand digital lamp with a 10 watt LED light heats up to 84 degrees F. That’s more light output with less power. Notice the difference in the salt lamp color with the two different light sources? Google “salt lamp negative ions” and decide the health benefits for yourself.

Cabling up everything is as simple as 1-2-3. Connect the two redgreen-white pigtails together; observe polarity, because the plugs are keyed. Connect the two RED 5-volt cables together. Plug the BLACK 9-volt plug into the BLACK jack in the front of the Crystal case. If you want to use the external sound card as an audio source, plug the audio cable into the audio jack at the top – left.

Plug the transformers into a power strip and turn them on. LED lights inside the Crystal case will twinkle, and the salt lamp will automatically start cycling thru luminary display programs. Use the remote control to manually select specific programs you like. Enjoy!

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